5 Reasons why Emerging Brands need Influencer Marketing

Advent of technologically revolutionized era has brought an evolution to traditional marketing ways thus bringing more of automated touch and digitalizing the ways to market. Having said that, Influencer Marketing Strategy is one of the most powerful ways to market a brands’ offering especially, when it comes to SMEs or other emerging brands. Cataclysmic popularity enjoyed by Influencer marketing meets no ends owing to the fact that Influencers tend to have a defined targeted audience. This is what exactly is a need of an emerging brand; relevant content creation, authenticity at the Influencer’s end and most importantly delivery of excellent ROI on little investment. According to a report of 2019, an average expenditure of $1 in Influencer Marketing generates a return of $5.28.

If you’re thinking whether to adopt Influencer marketing strategy for your brand, here are top 5 reasons why you should go for it!

  • Authenticity:

Authenticity and reality of content is something which cuts through and intrigues the interest of consumers. Usually, social feeds get bombarded by random blabber of advertisement which rarely imparts an impression to stop a user’s thumb!

However, when an influencer put forth their opinion regarding a product; it carries a sense of authenticity along with it which directly gets delivered to their audience since it resonates with their taste as well. An influencer’s way of saying, writing about the product, testing it out and recommending it, is entirely different and new which makes the audience to trust them.

  • Budget Constraints:

Small brands always dream for bigger aspirations however, the budget doesn’t stretch that far which makes them to cleverly use something unconventional, like adopting Influencer Marketing Strategies, to make themselves stand out of the crowd and pique the interest of their target audience quite efficiently within the budget constraints. Since, smaller brands are low on budget but want high campaign performance along with enhanced ROI thus this clearly suggests them to opt for Influencer Marketing to strike their message through the targeted audience staying within the limits of allocated marketing budget.

  • Enhanced Sales Figures:

The ultimate goal of any brand is to push the pace of order placements thus, to generate more sales. That is where Influencer Marketing plays a pivotal role to deliver what is wanted by an emerging brand. Digital presence of a brand and several influencers singing the praise of excellence of that particular brand drives a heap of traffic towards them, a part of which gets converted into genuine buyers. Now a days, nothing obstructs a potential buyer to stop themselves if the content is imaginative and beautiful enough to swipe up to the inserted links on social media which makes it even more convenient and accessible for the customers to make a purchase. That’s the beauty of Influencer Marketing!

  • Targeted and Relevant Marketing:

Influencer marketing is the ideal case scenario when it comes to targeting the right audience efficiently. This distinctive manner of advertising has redefined what relevancy is! Now you can conveniently handpick the kind of audience you want to get your products seen by! Demographics of an Influencer’s fan base counts a lot, even at times more important than the number of followers an Influencer has! Smaller the fan base, more will be the influencer engaged with them hence higher will be the engagement rate. However, on the other end, if an influencer is of macro level having higher number of followers will be more prone towards replying to a fewer fans owing to the fact that one can’t handle thousands of replies or comments in a day! So if you want your message to be directed to your target audience without wasting a penny or confronting wrong audience, involve micro and nano influencers to achieve what you want!

  • Higher Engagement Rate:

To plug the leak of resources, Influencer Marketing is ideal to advertise generating maximum ROI with little investment. However, “Engagement” is one of the grave concerns which jumps irritatingly in a brand’s court! Challenge is to cater this concern efficiently and this can only be made possible through collaboration with micro influencers. We mentioned before that micro influencers have higher engagement rate which is hard to beat because they can directly connect with their followers and can actually talk to them however, influencers with huge following can’t do the same. Micro influencers can post about the product, stay in touch with the audience and comment to their risen queries, advise or suggest what they feel about product thus further delivering a strong sense of authenticity.

Importance of Influencer Marketing:

Nothing beats the brand awareness or exposure which Influencer Marketing delivers through its well-targeted and specifically designed marketing campaigns to hit the relevant audience with the right demographics while also staying limited to the boundaries of budget! Looking for an unorthodox way to market and smash your targets? Then, Influencer Marketing is the ideal secret weapon you need to opt for! Reach out to us to learn more.

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