Influencer Marketing Revolution is just around the corner!

What is Influencer Marketing?

Marketing tactics have always been through a phase of revolution and constantly are moving forward. The avant-garde of the new time in the field of marketing is called “Influencer Marketing” the idea of which buds from celebrity endorsement. The name itself clearly signifies the idea of it being a content-driven marketing campaign in modern days. Businesses use content creators to collaborate with them for the purpose of online marketing and putting forth their product in front of an entirely new audience. Another linked purpose of it is to generate serious engagement and conversation around that specific brand through the people who have most influence or a powerful ‘say’.

Why is Influencer Marketing important?

Old-school adverts are just unable to cut through the targeted audience anymore. The importance of Influencer Marketing comes down with the advancement of social-driven society today where people put their trust in their social circle more than they do in celebrities out there. Owing to this, advertisers have started to target influential people with marketing strategies so they gear influence over the potential customers to pull them to make a “purchase”. Thus, Influencer marketing is a fringe tactic which doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon but only its growth is clear!

It’s not as easy as it sounds!

Having an Influencer Marketing Strategy at the top of your list is easy but implementing it can be a daunting experience. It’s absolutely NOT about picking up the influencers with much popularity neither it’s the case of “one size fits all”! Every campaign relies upon the backbone known as “Influencer Marketing Objectives” which drive the direction of a campaign and helps in measuring the resulting ROI. Even after much advancement to make Influencer Marketing flourish, we have seen advertisers raved about lack of enough tools or platforms which would help them to achieve their “Influencer Marketing Objectives”. Influencers charge heavy amounts of dollars but are they really hitting the set objectives of the brands? No one is really taking that pain on their nerves.

The Revolution is finally here!

Year 2020 seems to be lucky enough as the prayers of all these advertisers are about to be answered! The news says that one of the top-notch Influencer Marketing Platform, Amplifyd, is about to be launched in the market soon which will banish the worries away by being a one-stop solution for all Influencer Marketing needs. Amplifyd promises not to only deliver a quality Campaign Management using Artifical Intelligence but also provides businesses with a mix of most relevant Influencers from a mix of platforms who will help brands in strategically achieving their Influencer Marketing Goals. This surely sounds great to ears since it would help Influencer Community to flourish as well by bridging the gap between brands and talented influencers smartly yet securely.


Influencer Marketing has its prestige in the modern days but the challenges which comes along still lingers there to be faced by Brands as well as Influencers. To cater this, platforms are available but would Amplifyd really revolutionize the Influencer Marketing Industry in Pakistan?

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