Influencers without the Filters

Let’s start off by acknowledging the fact that being an Influencer is no walk in the park. It might seem like it’s all about hashtags, dream destinations, fancy brushes and foods galore but a lot of hard work is put into becoming a good Influencer and it demands a lot of attention! 

The idea of Influencer Marketing might seem simple however, the implementation of it is well… a bit more complicated to say the least! In the world of Brands and Influencers, Influencers are faced with a plethora of problems that leaves them in a conundrum.

  1. They work 24/7

To us mango people the life of an Influencer is so glamorous and superficial! It seems like it’s all about the selfies and likes, seems to come so easy to these people. Behind all these filters and emojis there’s a whole world where there’s a lot of hard work! Unlike most jobs which last mostly 9 hours and hours are mostly fixed. Influencers have no hours. They are constantly working. Their whole life is surrounded by work. Every story and post is carefully crafted and takes time and effort and if you thought this was possible while sitting at home, you’re wrong! They need content and how do they get it? Well, by socializing, this can be multiple things, from parties, meet and greets to lectures and gatherings that last all night. What’s surprising is that they don’t just attend one of these, there are times when it goes up to 5 in a single day! The concept here is the more the content the better! This allows you to have more content at your disposal and hence deliver more to your followers and the more you deliver the more your following increases and so on and so forth goes this cycle!

So there’s no such thing as ‘off duty’ for them!

  1. The stress and competition is real

This emerging trend has given way to a lot of competition and as a consequence a lot of stress. The amount of Influencers out there is unimaginable so let’s not even get started on the amount of competition there is! There’s a constant battle for more follower, likes and the most engagements which means that people need to constantly be coming up with different and new ways to make content to keep their audience engaged and entertained.

Alexandra Mondalek’s, a fashion reporter, Instagram account was gaining attention, and it was all she could think about. She said, “I’d be lying if I said I could look at an explore page on Instagram and not compare myself to what I see on those pages,” she says. “Someone is purchasing something you can’t purchase or making connections you haven’t yet made. It’s the rat-race lifestyle boiled down into the palm of your hand, and sometimes it feels inescapable.”

 They can’t help but compare themselves to others and the work they’re doing or a goal that someone else is achieving. Self-doubt, stress and a little competition is just a few ingredients that make up an average day in an Influencers life.

  1. Not getting discovered by the relevant brands 


It’s all about THAT brand. The eventual dream here is to collaborate with THAT dream brand, the one you’ve day-dreamed of working with when you first decided to embark on this amazing Influencer journey!

But that dream comes to a halt when the biggest obstacle that’s stopping you from achieving it is the simple fact that you aren’t getting discovered by the brands you want to be discovered by.

Micro and Macro Influencers find it especially challenging to find work with brands and hence, as an alternative, settle for less. Due to the simple fact that they are new to the Influencer Marketing Industry, they settle for brands which aren’t even relevant to their field. This in turn damages the Influencer’s reputation, as it seems that their content is not coherent with their forte. At times it starts looking like advertising more than storytelling, which again causes the Influencers reputation to plummet to its death!

  1. Delay in pay

One situation that makes most people tear their hair out is when there is a delay in the payment process, for whatever reason! Influencers are no different, like us they are also looking forward to spending their hard earned money on a new dress or one of those shoes from Adidas!

It takes a lot of time and effort to create authentic and original content. There is a lot of effort that goes into it! 

But! Wait for it. This isn’t the worst part, the worst part is when Influencers don’t get paid at all. Yes, happens more often than you realize, all those rant videos aren’t just for show. Some (if not most) rants address real issues which are dismissed by labeling Influencers as being too ‘dramatic’ or their attitude is simply tagged as them just ‘overreacting’!

  1. No work portfolio 

This trend of ‘Becoming an Influencer’ is relatively new and so there are a lot of things that Influencers are trying to figure out for themselves and haven’t really gotten there. The problems they face before working with a brand is trying to figure out a way to display of their previous work or achievements. 

Working with a brand is more official than the casual nature of their everyday life/work, which means that screenshots of previous campaigns just doesn’t cut it!

Mega Influencers don’t face this problem as much as micro and macro Influencers do because brands reach out to them and so have done their homework on an Influencer before hiring them. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t come across this problem at all! There needs to be a system where Influencers can build their resume in a professional and decent way.

  1. Fake Influencers

Building a fan base doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to create great content that lures people. Moreover, there is a time gap between the content created which reaches users and then the whole feedback process. 

That said, a sudden spurt in followers, and that in hundreds and thousands overnight is not possible. When Influencers with followers like these emergence, they cause problems for those with an organic audience because it causes Influencers in general to get a bad name! There needs to be a way to segregate the fake and the real to make everyone’s life easier! 

These are a few of the woes of the Influencer community! Chat with us if you want to know more.

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