Problems faced by Brands in Influencer Marketing

Let’s start off with the fact that Influencer Marketing is currently the hottest go-to strategy in the world of marketing. It is generally witnessed that brands these days are investing heavily to generate a distinctive word of mouth for their offerings through the people who have a powerful say in their social circle and are trusted by many! Influencer marketing makes the right sense owing to the fact of Ad-blocking and banner fatigue which has made digital marketing to lose its appeal. This, paved the way towards the rise of an alternative strategy which is immune to ad-blocking with its native approach i.e. Influencer Marketing. However, this buzz-worthy trend of Influencer Marketing is still exposing brands to many challenges to face while they get enticed by this opportunity of getting their content “Amplifyd” and grasp new business.

Fake Followers, Fake Influencers & Fake Numbers:

With the penetration and expansion of Influencer Marketing today, bundle of bots and fake influencers with fake followers can be found out on social platforms who pay to gain fake followers to make themselves a social media giant, but all in vain. This is one of the major reasons that influencer industry loses the integrity while getting its repute tarnished and it gets above the heads of brands to trust even the real influencers that easily. This being as the most challenging issue may cause a damage of billions to advertisers in 2020, according to a research.

Picking the best-suited Influencers:

Usually, picking up the right Influencers can get way too tricky for brands. Brands tend to find the influencers based on the number of followers or frequently used search words since they believe this way they can target the right audience. However, adoption of such strategies doesn’t work out to make your content cut through the right kind of audience.

The right way is to hit up the best suited micro, macro and nano-influencers who have the appropriate content strategy to put forth. That’s where Amplifyd jumps in as a one-stop solution with its goal-oriented approach for the brands to fulfill their Influencer Marketing needs by providing them with the most relevant and impactful influencers.

Unresponsive Influencers:

One of the emerging issues face by brands is unresponsiveness at the influencers’ end. Sometimes influencers receive free products from brands to test them out and throw a review however, these influencers run away without reviewing the product and causing financial loss to the brand. To curb this issue, platform of Amplifyd could be the best solution as it projects a relevant Influencer’s portfolio to the brand showing all the campaigns done and dusted by that influencer; thus bringing the brand on one page with the best responsive influencer.


In the world of Influencer marketing, transparency is something which is not always the priority or sometimes is deliberately de-prioritized and this happens on both of the ends. Brands, when they hire Influencers to create a buzz for them, have the right to all of the data an influencer can provide including reach, impressions, clicks, influencer’s authenticity and demographics of their audience. On the other side, brands should also be clear about the budget they have, objectives, deliverables and measurement of success. With higher level of transparency, things would get easier to be navigated and this can be done through the platform of Amplifyd.

Tracking the ROI:

Successful influencer marketing campaigns generate more brand awareness with increased number of sales generated, brand visibility and search volume. However, these are some metrics which are hard to define or measure and that is one of the challenges which is faced by brands in the world of millennial marketing.  The best solution to curb this challenge is to create custom UTM Links for each one of your influencers and Amplifyd’s platform does that for your brand! With UTM Links you can assess the traffic driven towards your page through Google Analytics.

Lack of influencers in unconventional sectors:

There is a constant growth of Influencers in the sectors of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travelling or health. However, when we look into other unconventional domains like logistics, chemical engineering, business, banking or finance, venture capitalism and even several entertainment sectors; we cannot gather any influencers in these niches, at least not exactly like we find in sectors of fashion and it’s hard for an emerging brand to do that search on its own. However, the digital marketplace of Amplifyd is a hub of all sorts of Influencers belonging to varied sectors covering all the domains for your business to get boosted!

In a fast-growing industrial landscape, implementing effective influencer marketing strategies will help a great deal in withstanding competition and achieving high revenue in the long run. All you need for successful influencer campaigns for your brand is to join right platform.

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